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3 Performances to Freshen Up Your June

Welcome again, curious minds! How did you like my previous recommendations? With all my heart I hope you found something new and inspiring. I, for example, watched Babel 7.16 for the second time, and enjoyed it as mush as the first. Here's to you - the second edition of Ze Curiosities. Please note, these performances are available online for a limited time. Read dates carefully so you don’t miss anything. 1. Jacob Jonas The Company is releasing the full length version on On Me for a limited lime. I bet you've seen breathtaking dance excerpts, full of interchanging body shapes and powerful choreography from this company on Instagram and beautiful photos made by its founder Jacob Jonas. Now we

4 Performances to Spice Up Your Quarantine Routine

Welcome, curious minds! This photo below is me when I see the pile of pans in the kitchen sink. Again and again they come together to take my time and make me feel miserable and tired after washing them. This is routine. And I hate routine. What do I do about it? First, listen to podcasts while performing this essential but very unpleasant task (thank you, bluetooth headphones). Second, I treat myself with interesting dance and dance-theatre performances. It's hard to create in current circumstances, so I watch these shows to educate myself as dance designer and choreographer. And as a reminder, that there's creative life outside the window and some day we will all be back stronger than bef