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This is the project that I am very proud of.


I was curating this show where a team of 6 amazing artists and my humble self explored the Door theme in our works. Results were showcased September 15, 16 @ Murmur Gallery:  

1. Rozina Shiraz Gilani (dance + video installation)

2. Bjørn Venø (interactive performance)

3. Professional Bodies (dance)

4. Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully (short movie)

5. Britt Ford (dance)

6. Nadya Zeitlin (dance + video installation)

7. Rourou Ye (short movie) 


More info here:


I am looking for ways to develop this project into outside, site-specific show. 

If you have an idea, send me a (pigeon) letter with concept to Let's make it work for next show.