Selves, part 2.
Created for Doors Can Dance show.

Concept, choreography, video,

performance: Nadya Zeitlin.

Music: Garbage.

Premiered Sept 15 and 16 @ Murmur.


Site-specific dance-theatre piece created inside and for Midtown Players Club.
Dancers: Britt Ford, Sally O'Grady, Christie Vozniak. 
Premiered May 27, 2017.


- One, Two, Three, the Story Begins
with Onur Topal-Sumer, Amanda Byars Wickens, Erin Weller Dalton and musicians Michael and Ipek Brooks. 

Skwhirlhaus, Oct 2016

- Through My Doors

International multimedia piece: dance-theatre + video installation.
Created for Eyderum Gallery's Boiler Room performance series.

- Once upon a tail

Performance KUNST, June 2016


- Chair-ity
-- Skwhirlhaus, June 2016

(with Amber Bradshaw)
-- Decatur Arts Festival, May  2016

(with Amber Bradshaw)

-- LadyFest Atlanta, May 2016

(with Amber Bradshaw)

-- Eyedrum Gallery, Mar 2016
(with dancers Rachael Shaw, Jacqueline Woo)


- Artistic Machine
Decatur Arts Festival

- 24 Hours Dance Festival

with presentation at
Modern  Atlanta Dance festival

(with dancers Sarah Stokes and Jan Zheng)

- Artistic Machine
- Family Portrait
(works in progress with Sara Moylan)

Fieldwork, May 2015

- Drum'n'Dance
GoBar, Athens, Mar 2015

(improvisation project with drummer Jeramy Lamanno)

- port is head

- Through My Fingers

-- Eyedrum gallery, Feb 2015

Premier, Premiere

-- Fieldwork, Dec 2014