May is aMayzing.

Every year May brings so many wonderful experiences in my life! Performances to watch and to do, collaborations, inspirations... This year is no exception.

Just this weekend, May 5, we finally presented The Little Prince, production by Solo Theatre Junior group. It was my first experience of creating choreography for a theatre production, and I'm very happy that I became a part of this strong and talented team.

Missing on this photo: Ivan Logvinov, director, Ekaterina Serebryakova, assistant director, Sofya Logvinova, costumes, Sasha Bondarev, music.

On Friday, I presented excerpts from upcoming work during the Play. Risk. Research, hosted by Mediums Collective. It was very exciting and a bit scary to perform alone choreography, that was intended for 4 people (especially, still recovering from sickness). But the feedback that I received from peers was incredibly valuable and important for my future work. Thank you, Porter and Kristel, for inviting me!

What's next?

Friday, May 24, ...and then the dishwasher got broken will be screened at the EnCORE Dance Film Festival in Decatur.

Preparations are in full for the Decatur Arts Festival. Please come see us on Sunday (Saturday program promises to be interesting as well!).

I will be performing in 2 pieces:

- Softening Angles (choreography by yours truly), with 2 amazing dancers this time (Raina Mitchell and Kellie Vinal);

- wild and exciting collaboration with Julie Baggenstoss called The struggle with the duende. This project combines Flamenco, Modern and Hip-Hop dancers as well as live musicians.

Come say "hi!" :) And I hope you will enjoy this May, full of art and inspirational weather!

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