Summer of new ideas

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Summer of 2020 is so so different.

I participated in CORE Dance's DIG: Vital Physical Research, 12 days program, taught by experienced and inspiring teachers:

Leslie Scates and Andrew Wass (Ensemble Thinking, Lower Left Collective/Dance Ranch),

Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad (BodyCartography Project),

Luke Murphy (Attic Projects).

Each 4 days intensive was full of surprises, as for body, as for brain. New ideas were born, new patterns tried, old patterns tired out. I am very grateful for the received experience to CORE Dance who organized this and to all the teachers, who shared with us tip tops of their indefinite knowledge.

Also, to all the participants who taught me so much.

Can't wait to use all the tools in my everyday exercise routine, creative and teaching process.

Well, not everyday... But I'll do my best to use them as much as I can.

Thank you!!

All photos: Core Dance.

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