Inspirational fall

Me and my long-time Atlanta dance friend Onur Topal-Sumer finally started working together on a piece that we called BA(V)UL. We both had very emotional travels to our meaningful places: I went to St. Petersburg, Russia for 3 weeks and she spent several months in Istanbul, Turkey. And we decided to create a work about the feeling of home and different questions around it.

We presented draft of this work during the Play. Risk. Research curated by the Mediums Collective and hosted by Active Space.

I can't wait to develop this work into a full length performance!

October is usually month full of projects, rehearsals and performances. This year is no exception!

I was honored to join the Beacon Dance family for Decades, performance dedicated to the B Complex gallery 20th Anniversary Celebration. We performed just this past weekend, October 4th and 5th.

From the description: "Decades draws inspiration from numerous resources, including the various musical periods from the late 1910’s through 2019, fashion trends over the 100 years from 1919 through 2019, and dance/movement styles and trends throughout the 10 decades. Choreographed by Artistic Director D. Patton White, it will bring together these three passions of his — costume design, social dance, and music from numerous time periods."

Photo by Dean Hesse.

It was a great time spent with great people. Thank you, everyone involved!

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