3 Performances to Freshen Up Your June

Welcome again, curious minds!

How did you like my previous recommendations?

With all my heart I hope you found something new and inspiring. I, for example, watched Babel 7.16 for the second time, and enjoyed it as mush as the first.

Woman's eye appearing through plastic ripped by her fingers

Here's to you - the second edition of Ze Curiosities.

Please note, these performances are available online for a limited time. Read dates carefully so you don’t miss anything.

1. Jacob Jonas The Company is releasing the full length version on On Me for a limited lime.

I bet you've seen breathtaking dance excerpts, full of interchanging body shapes and powerful choreography from this company on Instagram and beautiful photos made by its founder Jacob Jonas.

Now we have the chance to experience a full performance without buying ticket to LA!

Available now till June 5th.

Running time: 46 minutes.


2. Directed by fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and choreographed by Damien Jalet gravity fatigue (2015) will stream for 1 week via Sadler’s Wells Facebook page.

I haven't seen it yet, but photos look very promising.

Description from Sadler's Wells:

"Hussein Chalayan is a fashion designer known for his bold and innovative designs – like when turned a coffee table into a dress and an airplane wing into a couture gown.

Gravity Fatigue is his first ever dance production, created in collaboration with choreographer Damien Jalet. A Sadler’s Wells production, it premiered on our stage in 2015.

Together, in this extraordinary spectacle of visual creativity, they explore identity, displacement and the disconnection we sometimes experience in public spaces at moments of transition."

Available starting Friday, May 29th for one week.

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes.



3. And here's something special for you.

I call it Bandersnatch, but Dance (you've seen this interactive Black Mirror episode on Netflix, right?).

Russian MAD Company created a one of a kind* online interactive ballet - quest Infinita Frida! And it's available in English as well - just choose language at the very beginning of the quest in messenger that's more convenient to you (Telegram or Facebook Messenger).

It's a compilation of ballet, trivia, art and life facts about Frida Kahlo. And it's really interactive - your every choice matters!

*as far as I know.

Available online now!

Running time: not sure. But you can always pause if you need to and come back to the point where you've stopped.


And one more thing. If you miss your favorite Atlanta performing artists, including theatre and music, go to Art Beats Atlanta. It's a new portal that has it all (almost all!), a co-op of Atlanta-area arts and culture organizations with a mission to increase engagement between the public and the vibrant professional arts community of the greater Atlanta area. Bautanzt Here is a part of it, too.

Happy refreshing!

Photo by Mangrove Productions, Isolation Series.

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