International multimedia piece: dance-theatre + video installation.

Created for Eyderum Gallery's Boiler Room performance series. 
Premiered: August 13, 2016.

Conception, video installation, choreohraphy and performer: Nadya Zeitlin.

Stage manager / set designer: Ben Gravitt.
Video of the performance: Crystal Monds, Ben Gravitt.  Editing: Nadya Zeitlin.
Music: Depeche Mode, Only When I Lose Myself.

Via this piece I tried to express the idea that all people are doors: we walk through each other, knock, stay closed or "restricted areas".
Also, to remind myself and the audience how many people walked through our doors away from our lives for different reasons. 


I am very grateful to my friends who helped me to create it. Azhar & Vanya, Aigerim, Gulnur, Sasha, Tanya B., Tanya P. 

And beautiful doors of  Almaty, Kiev, Lviv and Tbilisi.