Thanks for stopping by! 

It's fair to say that our show BauTanzt,  which means "building dances" in German, premiered successfully on February 29TH, 2020 at the Red Light Productions Studio, 1775 Wilwat Dr., suite B, Norcross, GA, 30093.

I am very grateful to every guest, space host and of course, stellar cast of movers. Thank you, everyone. 

On May 20, 2020 I announced that Bautanzt is growing into something bigger!

Introducing to you Bautanzt Here, a multimedia art organism with main focus on dance theatre and site-specific projects.

We produce performances with intention to tell meaningful stories and create unique and valuable experience for our audiences. We strive to put our guests’ routine on pause and suggest them a gift of wonder and connection, as well as ask questions that will be discussed after they leave the performance space.

On May 23rd, Bautanzt Here is showcasing an excerpt from the Bautanzt performance during Breaking New Ground dance festival which is happening online this year.

Streaming starts at 3:30 PM. Please follow this link to watch: bit.ly/2LTIUSY 

And go to www.bautanzt.art to know more! 

Please see the BLOG if you're curious to read about my creative process.