Thanks for stopping by! 

Very happy to say that in July I was selected to participate in Dance Canvas and Atlanta Contemporary choreography residency among other 8 choreographers!

Final showcase is September 25th, 6:30PM.


Title: Hanging On.

Dancers and collaborators: Raina Mitchell & Porter Grubbs.

Info about tickets: https://bit.ly/3mIJCDz

In this work, we explore giving and receiving physical touch not physically, but using kinetic imagination and memories from previous touches.

Clothing items serve as portals to character's memories and to each other. Can't wait to share this work with you. 

September 12th, we performed a duet titled 2 Hands Distance at the Fall for Fall Dance Festival

In June I started to work on 3 short video duets for the PANDEMIC ATLANTA project, created and supported by City of Atlanta Mayoral office for Cultural Affairs.

First duet titled h o m e b r e w premiered at the Fall for Fall Festival as well. Another 2 are in progress. 

On May 20, 2020 I introduced to you Bautanzt Here, a multimedia art organism with main focus on dance theatre and site-specific projects.

We create to surprise. Go to www.bautanzt.art to know more. 

Please see the BLOG if you're curious to read about my creative process.